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Kaiserreich Spanish Civil War (April-2022)




The war ended with the victory of the Spanish over the insurgents. History Antecedents At the time of the War of the Spanish Succession, the Kingdom of had been partitioned into several provinces, one of which had been ceded to the French in 1659. After the defeat of the revolting French against the Habsburg Monarchy in the Seven Years' War, a power vacuum was created in which the two remaining French provinces, Hainaut and Franche-Comté, were quickly occupied by Habsburg troops. In response, Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon, formed a provisional government in the Dutch Republic, with the aim of uniting all of the other rebels against the Habsburgs. This effort led to the establishment of the Batavian Republic on 4 December 1795, which included both Hainaut and Franche-Comté, and lasted until the French Revolution. After the Revolution, the movement of the Patriots to establish a Republic in the Netherlands was joined by the Democratic Republic of the Rif, which occupied the eastern half of Morocco. A Spanish expedition sent in 1799 to reconquer the Rif was defeated by the Patriots, and several Spanish garrisons in the eastern half of the country came under French occupation in 1799. Real response In 1801, Napoléon Bonaparte annexed the Rif, and a short-lived "provisional" republic was proclaimed in 1808, named the. However, after Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of in 1813, and the restoration of the Bourbon dynasty to Spain, the Rif Republic was dissolved and the territory was annexed to the kingdom. After the Iberian Peninsula was again under Bourbon rule, King Ferdinand VII established a commission to reestablish order in his kingdom. The Commission was assisted by Carl von Clausewitz, who was at that time serving as a military adviser to the king. The new government of Carlos IV was faced with the task of reconstituting the army, which was largely in shambles following the Peninsular War. In the early 19th century, Spain's military budget was less than half of that of its French enemies. The commission's proposed solution was the creation of a militia called the, which would consist of eight units, each consisting of 2,000 men. The militia was designed to be used as a reserve force




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Kaiserreich Spanish Civil War (April-2022)

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